Top Practices to Design Custom Labels

While making labels for your product, keep in mind that – you want something that appeals to consumers and makes them want to buy the product. This is why it is advisable to hire an experienced professional to handle your label design. If the budget will come in your way and you may want to design a simple label by yourself, then, here are some best practices to create custom labels:

Consider the container – To create an aesthetically-pleasing look, an item container and the label need to blend together perfectly. Hence you should carefully measure the container’s size; so you can determine the right dimension of your label before getting started out with the design.

Use high-quality images – The excellence of images you utilize will define the quality of your custom label design. Since a high-quality packaging design has a vast impact on how customers will define the quality of your product! Keep in mind that if you will download your images from the internet then it might have low resolutions, hence always try to search for high resolutions based images. Even though label printer can make a huge difference in the quality of your label as well. Give attention to both aspects to really bring away crisp and clear label design!

Make the logo prominent – One of the goals of designing a custom label is to build your brand identity & brand your product. Therefore, you need something that prominently displays your brand logo. Put the logo at the top or center, so that consumers may easily notice it when they look at the label.

Use vector rather than raster – there are two styles of graphics to choose from – vector and raster. As you can easily expand or reduce Vector images without the risk of dropping off image quality hence in label designs they are more suitable. Try to go for vector images to keep your design process goes smoothly rather than being delayed by inferior-quality graphics.

Steer clear of overcrowding elements – Customers have plenty of options on the shelves, so using a label that includes too much text and graphic elements can be confusing and frustrating to them. Product name and brand name are a must and moreover to that, you can add the serving size/advantage/feature claims. While selecting design elements to add to your label, follow the “less is more” rule!

Don’t forget the labeling regulations – Sometimes you may be lacking out on some important rules while thinking only about an artwork of your labeling. Certain products have a strict labeling regulation, so be sure to consider which rules would be applicable for your product. For example, if you’re selling foods products, you must include nutrition facts in your label design.