Acrylic Water Based Paint Options For Painting

Acrylic water-based paints are great for artists for several reasons. It is one of the most flexible paints available and has a lot of other benefits. For starters, acrylic water based paints can be used to paint on just about any surface from paper to canvas board. One feature of acrylic that some consider a con is the fact that acrylic water-based paint dries very quickly. Some artists use no more than 15% of a retarder to slow down this quick drying process. Others use a stay wet palette while they paint.

Different Kinds of Acrylic Water Based Paint for Artists to Choose From

As previously stated, acrylic water-based paint offers up a lot of flexibility including the different kinds that are available to artists, from students to professionals. Although similar in grade to the kind of acrylics used by professionals, student acrylics tend to be lower in pigmentation, have less colors to choose from, and formulas that are less expensive than acrylic water paints used by professionals. Professional acrylics have more options and are as a rule more

This Review of What “Fugitive” Colors Means

You were so proud of your watercolor painting of some roses. You had achieved a good drawing as a foundation to the painting. You loved the composition and how it encompassed the picture plane.. The light spread across the roses giving you just the effect you were after in balancing shadows from very dark to beautiful bright red highlights. It was one of your best pieces to date. In fact, it sold very quickly and that made you even happier.

But a couple of months later, the buyer contacts you. Something had changed in the painting. The buyer said that it has lost some of its brightness. You agree to look at the painting and you’re shocked at what you find. It appears much less vibrant to you. Some of the red areas that were rich in color are now dull, watered down looking. You can’t believe what you’re seeing. What happened?

Fugitive colors—that’s what happened. The artist failed to read the labels on the paints she used and to truly understand the permanence of the colors she

Some Movement in Contemporary Still Life Paintings

Still Life is a class of paintings that goes back centuries, with well-known artists including Monet, Picasso, and Van Gogh. The subject of still life paintings has changed over time, but still life is still an imperative part of contemporary art. And one of the most important aspects of still life paintings is movement. While that may sound counterintuitive, it is absolutely true.

Movement in a painting can be described in many different ways. It can be the aspect that draws the eye to the subject of the painting or the sense of change within the painting that draws you through and makes the painting more active rather than passive. However it is described, movement brings a still life painting to life.

Taking a look at some still life works from modern artists, it is clear that the use of a variety of brushstrokes can create an incredible sense of movement. Seeing the different strokes, swipes, and sweeps draws your attention to the flow of a painting. In some of the backgrounds, you’ll see larger strokes

About Salvador Dali’s Painting “The Persistence of Memory”

Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory is one of his most cherished works from a prolific lifetime. It was painted in 1931 long after he attended art school in Madrid and Barcelona. His early work throughout his education reflects an unusual aptitude for a wide variety of styles.

In the 1930’s Dali’s unparalleled ability as an artist was combined with his discovery of Sigmund Freud’s teachings about subconscious imagery, and his recognizable mature style was introduced to the world. Before painting The Persistence of Memory Dali had also become acquainted with the Paris Surrealists. He felt enabled to create groundbreaking art that would establish the reality within the subconscious.

The iconic imagery of the melting pocket watch has made The Persistence of Memory one of Dali’s most recognizable paintings. The painting is a splendid example of the contrast between sharp hard lines and melting softness. The watches themselves symbolize the concept of time past, and perhaps the irrelevance of time in the universe. Dali may have been commenting on the Surrealist interpretation of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Dali painted an abstract human figure in the middle of the composition that some interpret as a

Make Paint Acrylic Abstracts

A lot of budding artists shy away from abstract painting. For some reason, there’s this misconception made by people outside of or on the cusp of the art world that you have to have a deep, intrinsic reason to create abstract art. That, if you can’t paint a convincing realistic landscape first, you don’t have the right to paint abstract art.

Why, I say that’s silly! Just as anyone can learn how to paint, anyone is allowed to create abstract paintings!

First, I guess we should probably break down what abstract art is. Simplistically, abstract art is any creation that doesn’t mimic reality.

When you look at abstract art, it can be confusing at first because you’re not always admiring a tree or a person or an animal; you’re admiring how colors play off each other, how the paint moves across the canvas, and how shapes lines up with one another.

There are abstract artists who move the paint into familiar shape. Sometimes you can pick out a park, or a horse, or a circus elephant. Sometimes, though, the art is just a series of intersecting lines and circles.

The meaning of the

Place To Show Your Art

Where to Show Us Your Art

There are many artists these days creating master pieces that not many people will be exposed to. If these artists aren’t showcasing their creations online or in art exhibitions they won’t be getting the recognition that they deserve for all the time and effort they take in designing and making them.

It’s a real shame that some countries aren’t teaching basic practices on the world-wide-web today for creative minds. I believe a lot of confusion with the world-wide internet could be avoided after schooling years if school curriculums’ covered web development and SEO. So that everyone could be given the same opportunities to create their masterpieces and develop their own online art exhibition to showcase their designs.

These days most artists are so engrossed in their creations they don’t have time to learn how to market their products. They are the creative ones’ that want to pour their time and energy into new and exciting projects, not sit an online course to understand web design and development so that they can create a site themselves and learn how to get it to the top of the search engines for

Now Get a Truly Unique Work of Modern Art for Your Home

If you’re still searching for that one perfect piece of modern art for your home but can’t find it in stores or galleries, consider a more direct route: commission a work yourself.

Commissioning a new work from an artist can bring your home’s level of beauty, sophistication and style up to never before seen standards. It’s your own unique work to keep and show off at your discretion.

But how does one go about commissioning a piece? And how can you be sure it’ll come out the way you want?

It comes down to two things: artist selection and communication.

To find the right artist, you’ll have to know what you’re looking for in the work of art. It’s a narrowing down process, and it’s not really as daunting as it may seem.

If you’ve got something in mind, ask yourself — where have you seen their work? At a museum? On the walls at a coffee shop? If you’ve seen something you like, you can always ask the owner if they have the contact info of that artist, and if you can contact them for a commission of your own.


Tips to Choose the Best Type of Graco Air Spray

For your painting needs, you need not limit your choice to the conventional paint brush or paint roller. These days, a wide selection of paint sprayers are available in the stores.

Whether you are a professional contractor or a do-it-yourself project enthusiast, you’d love the advantages that a paint sprayer could offer. All you need is a good finding skill in looking for the perfect paint sprayer that will work for your needs.

Brushing or rolling paint can pose challenges in terms of consistency. Tackling narrow spaces can be difficult too. With a paint spray, you no longer have to spend as much time and energy completing the painting job. Your work will be a lot easier compared to using a conventional paint brush.

The only thing that would probably take you the most time is deciding which particular spray paint to choose. To help you out, here are questions you may ask yourself when choosing your very own paint sprayer. Let’s get started.

What is the size of the project I’m working on?

Are you repainting the entire home interior? Or are you only tackling a specific wall? Think about the size

The Painting Realistic Pictures Without Drawing

Do you wish you could paint realistic pictures but have always been put off because you can’t draw? I have created a system which overcomes the drawing problem and opens up a wonderful hobby for people who have always thought it was something they just couldn’t do.

I take the drawing problem away by providing an outline which you transfer to your painting paper. Then with detailed step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photos, I show you exactly how to achieve a fine painting. There are paintings from beginner level 1 to more advanced level 5.

This is real painting, not colouring in or painting by numbers. You learn proper painting skills including the very important skill of blending. Blending means making two colours next to each other merge gradually instead of having a sharp join. For example, the stem of a flower is round, not flat. By blending the colours you can make it appear round. Without blending it would just be flat and not lifelike. Blending is vital to realistic painting, and is widely used to give shape and depth to faces, body parts, flowers, jewels, fruit, wineglasses, and many more.

Some people worry

Reasons You Must Buy Paintings Directly From Artists

When you decorate the walls in your home, there are a number of facts, that support you should buy paintings directly from an artist, instead of buying reproductions in online shops or physical shops.

  • You get an original, unique painting that no one else has
  • The painting is carefully created, down to the smallest detail
  • You get a quality product, made of excellent materials
  • You get the most bang for your buck – no commission to online or physical galleries
  • The selling price is higher when you want to make changes in your collection
  • You get a better service, the artist will answer any questions you have

You get an original unique painting

When you buy an original, unique painting from an artist, you get a unique piece of art, there is only one of one-of-a-kind.

And you can use the artwork to design the decor in your home with your own special touch, without any fear that your family, friends or neighbors already have the same painting or can imitate your decor.

If we look at the definition of the word “original”, The Danish Dictionary says it is an “object or phenomenon that is the basis for a copy.”

The Book Review About The Brain That Changes Itself

Book review –
The Brain That Changes Itself
written by Dr. Norman Doidge.

When my son first acquired his brain injury, I was told that whatever state he was in at the 6-month mark was about the best we could expect for the rest of his life. You’d better believe I started immediately with (homemade) tools to stimulate thinking, speaking and motor control.
Not to mention nagging his doctors for physical therapy, of which he received 10 whole minutes a day in the ICU, his home for almost 6 weeks.
Somewhere along the line, the 6 month limit was extended to 12 months. I don’t recall by whom – perhaps a physical therapist who didn’t work with patients long-term.

however, was that my son kept making progress step-by-step, month after month, dollar by dollar. We never gave up on his capability for continued improvement and – 4 years later – I discovered a revolutionary book that proved what I suspected all along. The brain can keep changing itself!
Norman Doidge, M.D. is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who began researching neuroplasticity after meeting scientists whose studies at the “frontiers of brain science”

The Sanity In A Psyche Ward

The most highly paid living artist lives in a psyche ward in Tokyo. When she stops painting or creating, she becomes suicidal. Her art therapy began while undergoing treatment for her mental illness. She has had visual hallucinations since she was a child and has been painting them ever since.

Her recent exhibit in Washington DC., drew record crowds and caused lotteries, scalping and endless lines. Extra staff was added to accommodate the extra large crowds and the show took two years to plan and execute.

At 88, she has just signed yet another clothing deal. Her daily regime includes leaving the confines of a mental institution to walk to a nearby artist’s studio where she paints every day from 9am to 5pm. She then returns to her room in the hospital where her status is referred to as ‘fragile.’

In her twenties, Kusama wrote to Georgia O’Keefe and sent some of her paintings. To her surprise, O’Keefe responded. Kusama then decided to leave her homeland of Japan to avoid her family’s expectation of marrying a designated man. That is the decision that brought her to America where she landed in New York City.

Top Practices to Design Custom Labels

While making labels for your product, keep in mind that – you want something that appeals to consumers and makes them want to buy the product. This is why it is advisable to hire an experienced professional to handle your label design. If the budget will come in your way and you may want to design a simple label by yourself, then, here are some best practices to create custom labels:

Consider the container – To create an aesthetically-pleasing look, an item container and the label need to blend together perfectly. Hence you should carefully measure the container’s size; so you can determine the right dimension of your label before getting started out with the design.

Use high-quality images – The excellence of images you utilize will define the quality of your custom label design. Since a high-quality packaging design has a vast impact on how customers will define the quality of your product! Keep in mind that if you will download your images from the internet then it might have low resolutions, hence always try to search for high resolutions based images. Even though label printer can make a huge difference in the quality of

The Qualities That Make a Great Graphic Designer

What does it take to become a great graphic designer? What is their secret to success? Do they follow a 5-step process to become an in-demand designer? Sad to say, there is no secret formula whatsoever. However, when you observe successful designers, you will notice that they have common qualities. These are some of their most common qualities:

Great designers…

Continue to Learn

It is difficult to accept criticisms, and be told to do your work better or in a different way than what you have learned. Often, you resent this and lose your temper. However, they may be right. The Photoshop trick they are suggesting may save you a production time of three hours.

Most successful designers started out as being humble. They absorbed everything, jot down notes and try out new things. They were open to advice and grew since they listened to others. They didn’t have an attitude problem, but were humble and willing to learn.

Can Handle Criticism

Criticism can be tricky. When the work of a designer is being criticized, this should not be taken personally. Designers should not be defensive or make up poor excuses. Instead,

Info Designers Are Not Fine Artists

It can be difficult to find worth in a design career. Though designers create tangible products that can be used for a variety of purposes, design work feels frivolous at times. I have created my fair share of pamphlets and posters that get used for one day and tossed out the next. The disposability of design work is something that many designers struggle with.

However, the amount of time that our work is used for doesn’t matter. Rather, contributing to an ongoing visual dialogue is the important aspect of being a designer.

I know that I’m not a fine artist. In fact, I am learning to stop identifying as an artist at all. Though some in our industry may be upset by this, I think it is vitally important that designers begin to view themselves as problem solvers that utilize a visual vocabulary.

In many regards, being a designer is like being a scientist. When approached with a problem, scientists are tasked with finding a solution by utilizing the scientific method. This protocol ensures that the scientist reaches the right conclusion (or, in the realm of theoretical science, the best solution). It dictates that scientists

Visual Graphic Art Editable Freeform PowerPoint Maps

Whether you are a student, teacher, professor, an employee or CEO of a company, an Army General or an administrative officer, a doctor or an engineer, a financial wizard or a plain banker, you are required to make a presentation sometime. Invariably, a map or geospatial intelligence is an essential part of any presentation today. And why not, with GPS, Google maps and geospatial technology, it has become so easy to relate data to ground.

The age old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words is more true for maps in a presentation. The data which may take tens of slides to represent or explain can be easily put in just one thematic map. But how to make it without any GIS or geographical analysis tools. You can find a right image by searching the net by Google Image search. Sounds easy, but no. There are so many map images available on the net but can you use them. May be no, why? The image may be copyrighted. So why not use images from ShutterStock or some similar website offering images. Here also you need to purchase license and spend hours searching for the right

The Ancient Egyptian Artistic Paintings

The ancient Egyptian artistic paintings encapsulate the embodiment of modern painting, though the latter is refined due to the advancement of human knowledge, technology, and discovery. However, the root for the success of modern painting is credited with the humble beginnings of the profession by the ancient Egyptian masters in painting. From the generation and production of the media for production through to the selection of appropriate subjects for paintings, techniques through to its essential roles it plays in the society acts as a stepping stone for the marvelous development in the field of painting today.

In their quest to obtain a permanent and durable coloring medium for painting, the Egyptian painters’ ground ochres into powder and mixed them with gum. The resulting pigments were dissolved as the painters wet the brushes and rubbed them over the surface much as the watercolor paint used today. The application of the paint was done by the use of brushes which were creatively made from the trimmed stems of other marsh plants. Bristles which held a supply of wet pigment were made by chewing one end of their stems to separate the fibers. The supports for the painting included Papyrus

Tips To Get the Painting You Want From the Artist You Know

There’s something to be said for a big, blank wall. It may not seem like much, but it can be whatever you want it to be. The possibilities are endless.

The potential is the attractive part of a blank wall. But while potential is great, it doesn’t amount to anything until it DOES amount to something.

And if you’re waiting to find that special piece of fine art to hang, ask yourself: how’s that coming along? How’s all that waiting panning out?

Stop waiting. Have a piece created for you and your blank wall. It can be a mural or a series of photographs or an oil painting — again, the possibilities are endless.

Commission a painting. Get a professional artist to do it for you. It’ll be one of a kind, it will appreciate in value over time, and your blank wall will, at last, amount to something.

Find the Right Artist on the Internet

Artists aren’t hard to find anymore. Most have websites that show off their work, so you can determine if that’s the style for you. Their websites will also let you know if they are open to

The Symbolism of Colours

Colour symbolism refers to the use of colours to represent ideas and situations in the society. Interestingly, the philosophical meanings of colours also share striking resemblances or commonalities among the various cultures in the world. When they are used shrewdly, it will aid in promoting understanding between various people and cultural affiliations. It is a great source of enlightenment to abreast oneself with the powerful messages gleaned from the symbolic usage of colours.

Black: It is the colour of the night, and of “evil.” Black can also be a colour of elegance or class such as a black-tie only event, and black evening gowns. Black can also represent ideas such as power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, wealth, mystery, fear, evil, unhappiness, depth, style, sadness, remorse, anger, and mourning. Black can also represent a lack of colour, the primordial void or emptiness. It can also mean sorrow or mourning, in the Christian tradition of wearing black to funerals. Black is the colour of mystery and solemnity; the colour of the night. Black expresses the depths of the unknown, and encourages the imagination of a different world from that of daylight realities. Used by itself, black can represent bad luck

This Why Artists Must Pay Close Attention To Their Colour Selection

This is the organisation and arrangement of various colours in an orderly or pleasant manner so that they portray unity and oneness. Colours used for a composition must ‘agree’ or meet the principles of aesthetics. The artist must carefully and skilfully choose his colour scheme or combinations. This is because a wrong pairing of them can disturb the design and general outlook of a composition. It can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of even a perfect creation and distract viewers.

Artists can learn from the splendid examples found in nature. A critical and deep observation and the meditation of things in nature such as the feathers of birds, accentuating hues of flowering plants, leaves, and so forth.

It is essential in various fields of study. In the food science sector, appetites of people toward food are increased using appealing colour combinations. For instance, orange carrots and green beans carefully sliced in interesting shapes on white rice shaped in love shape can be used to boost the appetite of patients and other individuals who cannot eat.

They are several forms of colour harmony. Examples have been explained below.

Monochromatic Harmony

The term ‘monochrome’ means one